Collocation Worksheets

All About These 15 Worksheets

In English grammar, verbs are collocated with particular prepositions, adverbs. There are also collocated nouns, and specific collocations about time, money, and other common ones that a student who aims to be proficient in grammar should learn.

By completing these worksheets, students will:

  • Use the correct verbs in sentences;
  • Match verbs with the correct prepositions in sentences;
  • Understand the difference between common verbs and how they should be used in sentences, like “make”, “do”, and “get”;
  • Complete collocations using adverbs or nouns;
  • And be familiar with commonly used collocations.

These worksheets on collocations in English are an essential tool for students to improve their grammar skills and writing proficiency. These worksheets will provide students with a clear understanding of what collocations are, its different forms, pairings, and placements, how to identify them in sentences, and how to use them correctly to enhance their writing.