Spelling Worksheets

All About Our Spelling Worksheets

Spelling worksheets are like a fun game for learning how to spell better. They are sheets with activities on them that help us learn how to spell words correctly. You might find puzzles, fill in the blanks, or activities where you listen to a word and then write it down. The goal of these worksheets is to help us see how words are built. Once we understand these patterns, spelling other similar words becomes easier. Plus, the more we practice spelling words with these sheets, the better we get at remembering them. It’s like playing a game over and over until you’re really good at it!

Spelling worksheets also make us better readers. When we can spell a word, it’s easier to recognize it when we’re reading. And did you know that learning to spell new words also means we’re learning what these words mean? This is called expanding our vocabulary.

While we could not find a single study available that in some confounded way links spelling ability to intelligence, this is often in the back everyone’s mind in the real world. In today’s world misspellings are more a sense of carelessness or not paying attention to detail. There are countless tools that we can use to check our work before we share it with others.

In this section we offer you a complete curriculum for grades 1 through 5. This includes 30 weeks of word lists for you to work off of with your students. The words that were chosen are based on the national standards. You will notice that we will putting an immense focus on adding more grade levels.

A Breakdown of Each Section:

1st Grade Words

At this grade level students are most likely introduce to these terms through the use of phonics. The primary focus is to associate letters to the sounds that they make. We offer terms that loosely related to allow for an easier transition.

2nd Grade Words

We expand on the use of sounds to help spell words correctly. Many of lists are built off of similar blends and diagraphs. We also help group word families together.

3rd Grade Words

We begin to build on previous knowledge and help students learn to add new terms to their everyday vocabulary through the use of prefixes and suffixes.

4th Grade Words

Students have a decent level of success with spelling at this level, so this is where the curriculum starts to confuse them a bit through the use of homographs and homophones.

5th Grade Words

This is usually the grade level where the curriculum begins to scale down or stop completing working on these skills. Students are expected to be significantly more accurate with complex terms at this level.

Grade 11 Worksheets

At this level students are expected to have a mastery of advanced vocabulary and root words. Students that have some background in Latin often have a high level of success at this level.

Grade 12 Worksheets

As students prepare for college and the associated admission exams, these worksheets can provide as a great review and reminder for them.

High School Worksheets

While this a skill often focused at the primary and elementary levels, we revisit this to help students master it and reduce their dependency on spelling tools.

I Before E Except After C Worksheets

This foundational rule of spelling is often taught as early as 2nd grade. It is important to teach children that while this a good rule of thumb, it is not foolproof and there are several exceptions to it.

Letter Hunt Worksheets

These are not only great to help students improve their letter recognition, but they are also very helpful for helping students learn the sequence of the alphabet.

Middle School Spelling Worksheets

Improving middle school students’ spelling can be achieved through various strategies that focus on understanding the structure of words, building a robust vocabulary, and applying learned skills in a practical context.

Phonics Worksheets

This section of our site is grouped in with our reading section, but there are many important skills that will help students in this section.

Spelling Patterns Worksheets

This section really helps students improve their reading fluency and easy of use of new vocabulary.

Spelling Rules Worksheets

We help students explore common conventions of written language. We review things like doubling final consonants, when (y) is used as a vowel, and basic common letter combinations.

Stair Step Spelling Worksheets

The idea is that each letter of a word is written on a new “step”, so that the word visually looks like it’s ascending or descending a staircase, hence the name.