About 15Worksheets.com

About 15Worksheets.com

All of these worksheets were created by a team of retired teachers. The image above was created by one of our writers’ former students who is studying graphic design now at Villanova. Thanks so much Tracy!

We all got together and came up with the idea to provide 15 supplemental worksheets on every topic we could possibly imagine.   Please do not hold us to the exact number of 15 though. Sometimes we create a great deal more worksheets for a topic. This is very fun for us. We are sure that our work provides a huge value for teachers, parents, tutors, homeschoolers, and educators everywhere.  Especially since it is free (for educational purposes).

There are 15 of us that get together weekly and create a single worksheet on a topic each. In some cases, specialty teachers go a little more in depth with their topics. As more of our friends retire, we would expect many more versions of our work to become available. So please check back often and let us know of any topics you might be interested in so that we could create more new topics.

If we find a topic that our audience really likes, we definitely plan to create many more than 15 worksheets for you over time.

We make money from the display advertising on the site simply to pay for the weekly coffee bill and the cost to maintain the website. The hope is to not make this obtrusive or lessen your experience in anyway. Please join on newsletter list so that we may keep you up to date with our new work which comes out all the time.

Terms of Use

Our work is not to be stored on any other websites, or used for commercial means of any type. We solely allow all educators to freely use our materials, in print form, from our website for use with their students, children, and or adults.

Feel free to link to our materials, but we do not allow the redistribution of our content and materials in any form. If you redistribute our content, in any form, outside of linking to our work or citing it, this a complete violation of our copyright and terms of use.

How To Contact Us

We do not respond to anything from marketers or ad sales teams, so don’t waste your time contacting us. When we first made our email public that is all the email we ever received. We had to remove our contact form because we were constantly receiving spam. We use our time to create new worksheets.

If you are a human and would like to contact us, please contact Jen whom is our main contact. We are always looking for new topic ideas, so there is anything that we are missing, please let Jen know. You can reach here at:

About 15Worksheets.com