Preschool Worksheets

About All of Our Preschool Worksheets

Research has shown that children who attend preschool are more likely to perform better in school, have higher rates of high school graduation, and go on to attend college. They are also more likely to have better social skills, including better communication skills, problem-solving skills, and social interaction skills. Preschool has been linked to better emotional regulation and self-control in children, as well as a lower likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors in adolescence and adulthood.

This section of our website is dedicated to helping students that are not quite ready for a regular school day. We will continue to expand this section of our website, just keep telling us what topics you would like to see.

Day or Night Worksheets

We help students begin to understand the concept of time. The overall goal is to help students understand that presence of sunlight can be a decent indicator of time.

Days of the Week Worksheets

We thought this may pertain more to our vocabulary section, but many educators have reached out to us and asked us to place it in this Preschool section.

Draw What You Read Worksheets

This can be a helpful activity for preschoolers as it can enhance their comprehension and recall of the story they have read. It can also help them develop their fine motor skills and improve their memory.

Hot or Cold Worksheets

We related objects and items to this sense. The primary focus is to identify things that may be dangerous for children.

Letters Worksheets

This is one of the monster sections of our site. We cover every letter of the alphabet individually and also group them into related sets.

Match the Sentences Worksheets

You will see an image and connect it to written language. They are very basic sentences that students can use to make the relationship. This can also improve observation skills.

Match Words to Pictures Worksheets

This is a more basic form of the previous set of worksheets. This is a great foundational skill for preschool students.

Parts of the Face Worksheets

Students learn the vocabulary to describe parts of their face. We always find it funny that many youngsters always overlook the eyebrows.

Pre-Writing Worksheets

We work with students on the basic required skills to help them head off with writing in their own words. The goal is to have the core skills to compose a simple sentence.

Preschool Sight Words Worksheets

These are words that preschool students would have a big advantage if they entered the classroom knowing on sight. Learning sight words can help preschoolers develop fluency in reading, as they can quickly recognize and read the words without needing to sound them out letter by letter.

Shapes Worksheets

Understanding the basic names of geometric shapes and their attributes is the name of the game here.

Toddlers Worksheets

These are simple supplemental sheets that students that are just approaching preschool age should take in.

Writing Worksheets

We begin working on skills to help students communicate through written language. We also help them begin to connect speech to it.