Business English Worksheets

All About These 15 Worksheets

This collection of Business English worksheets are designed to aid students in improving their English language skills for professional settings. These worksheets focus on vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills needed for business situations.

After completing these worksheets, students will be able to:

  • Understand sentences with vocabulary words or phrases that are only typically used in professional settings;
  • Learn several useful business acronyms;
  • Be fluent in business jargon;
  • Appreciate the use of active voice in a professional setting as compared to the use of passive voice;
  • Learn the meanings of several business verbs and complete or construct their own sentences by using them;
  • Explain what certian business expressions mean;
  • Understand the structure of a formal business letter and write their own;
  • And analyze the structure for speaker notes in presentations and create their own.

The exercises in these worksheets will help students to communicate effectively in a professional setting, developing their confidence and fluency in speaking and participating in a professional setting. By mastering the vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills needed for business situations, students can improve their employability and excel in their careers.

What is Business English and why does it matter?

Business English is a specialized form of English language used in the context of business and commerce. It involves the use of English language skills in a professional setting, including speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

Business English is essential for effective communication in international business and commerce, where English is often used as the common language. It is also important for professionals who work in multinational corporations or who need to communicate with colleagues or clients from different cultural backgrounds.

In the context of Business English, the vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills needed are often specialized and require a good understanding of the specific terminology used in the business world. Moreover, Business English requires proficiency in both written and oral communication. Business correspondence such as emails, reports, and presentations must be clear, concise, and professional. In addition, professionals must be able to communicate effectively in meetings, negotiations, and presentations, which requires strong speaking and listening skills.

Therefore, mastering Business English is essential for professionals who work in an international or multicultural environment, or for those who wish to advance their careers in business or commerce. It is a valuable skill that can enhance employability, improve communication, and increase success in the global marketplace.