Grade 11 Research Projects Worksheets

All About These 15 Worksheets

This series of 15 worksheets is specifically designed to assist Grade 11 students in successfully completing their research projects. These worksheets provide a comprehensive framework to guide students through the research process, from selecting a topic to presenting their findings. By honing their research, critical thinking, and writing skills, students can produce high-quality research projects that demonstrate their academic prowess and intellectual growth. Through these worksheets, students will:

  • Learn to evaluate and select reliable sources, utilize search strategies, and take effective notes;
  • Create outlines, synthesize information, and identify patterns and themes;
  • And develop strong thesis statements, create logical paragraphs, and use appropriate academic language.

Overall, this series of worksheets empowers Grade 11 students to excel in their research projects. By providing a structured approach to topic selection, research organization, critical analysis, and effective writing, these worksheets enable students to develop strong research skills and produce high-quality research projects. Through practice and application of these skills, students will gain confidence in conducting research, organizing their findings, and presenting their research to their peers and instructors.

Interesting Research Paper Topics for High Schoolers

Writing a research paper in high school is compulsory for students and also helps boost your grade and resume. However, students find it challenging to choose a good topic for their papers. Firstly, a good research paper topic is a myth; all issues are essential according to the material that can be collected and arguments that could be made based on the evidence.

A research paper is only successful when there is an audience for which it is targeted. If you talk about a case in which the theme is a decade older, then the audience will find it boring. Instead, a research paper topic must itself be a hook to catch readers. Various interesting, hot topics are relevant to this generation and can prepare the students to learn how to conduct research on a subject.

We have curated a list of interesting research paper topics for high schoolers to get them started. You can choose any topic and paraphrase it or name it by highlighting different aspects of the research.

Interesting Research Paper Topics for High Schoolers

  • New strategies of communication and their commercial applications on social media.
  • Causes and effects of too many antidepressants.
  • Types of STDs: prevention and medication.
  • Biography and mighty acts of President Kennedy.
  • Child protection laws in third-world countries.
  • Religious beliefs of Ancient India are common today.
  • What do North Korea and South Korea have in common?
  • How school uniforms make an effect in rural settings.
  • Laws against the abuse of performance-enhancing pills and injections in baseball.
  • Why can all generations relate to MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech?
  • The dangers of rapid climate change affect precious wildlife.
  • A common occurrence of depression in athletes in college versus professional football.
  • Do emotional support animals help all types of mentally challenged people?
  • Is hybrid the new learning technique for all levels of school?
  • Does your appearance play a role in making your career and giving you a better opportunity?
  • How does celebrity appearance in advertisements boost sales?
  • Can companion animals deal with trauma healing for children?
  • Socialism in South-Asian history.
  • Types and uses of eco-friendly shopping bags.
  • Landfills developed in the 1990s.
  • Alcohol abuse by teenagers in the 1970s versus today.
  • New International banking regulations that influence business models in the 21st century.
  • Which modern professions depend on the existence of the Internet?
  • The evolution of the Korean family system from 1800-to 1900.
  • The industrial revolution: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Entrepreneurism in America during the 1990s.
  • The history and influence of art in Europe.
  • Importance of oriental medicine in the 1900s on healthcare.
  • Changing population demographics between the last two decades.
  • The evolution of nanotechnology and its applications.
  • Advantages of green techniques to fabricate materials.
  • Three critical historical figures who shaped the USA.
  • The economic influence of festivals in India.
  • Does child labor still exist in third-world countries?
  • Ways to prevent Cyber-bullying on digital platforms.
  • Competitions: promotes learning or additional peer pressure.
  • Why is anxiety more common in people after Covid?
  • Good labor practices in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Do cosmetic surgeries help victims feel better about themselves?
  • The prevalent tribal culture in different areas: good or bad.
  • Discuss the history of pop music.
  • How different types of music are related to the class systems?
  • Why are women still portrayed as sensual symbols in music videos?
  • How do online banking systems work?
  • What are the methodologies of research in Natural sciences?
  • How are new technologies in music shaping the taste of people?
  • Analyze the benefits of IT skills taught in schools?