Problem and Solution Worksheets

All About These 15 Worksheets

This method is often used in reading comprehension and writing tasks to identify and analyze problems and their solutions. It’s an important skill in various areas such as critical thinking, reading comprehension, writing, and real-world problem solving. The exercises on these worksheets work on specific skills such as:

Identification – The worksheet presents a scenario or a story, and ask the students to identify the problem and the solution within that context.

Analyzing – Some worksheets provide exercises where students need to analyze a given problem and brainstorm possible solutions. This encourages critical thinking skills.

Synthesis and Composition – Students might be asked to write a problem and solution paragraph or essay. This could involve identifying a problem, explaining its significance, suggesting a solution, and arguing for why that solution is effective.

Reading Comprehension Questions – Reading passages followed by questions that require students to identify and understand problems and solutions in the text can be a common component of these worksheets. Some worksheets present real-world scenarios, asking students to identify problems and think of practical solutions. This can help students apply problem-solving skills in a practical context.

What Is the Problem and Solution Approach?

In writing, a “problem and solution” approach refers to a method where a particular issue or problem is identified, and then one or more solutions are proposed to address that problem. This structure can be useful in various forms of writing, such as essays, reports, proposals, and opinion pieces. It can be used in academic, professional, and journalistic contexts.

The basic premise may follow this pattern:

Problem – Littering on the school playground.

Solution – Implement a campaign about the importance of a clean environment, install more trash cans around the playground, and set up a weekly cleanup program where students take turns picking up litter.

Problem – Students are not getting enough physical activity during the day.

Solution – Incorporate short physical activity breaks throughout the day, add more physical education classes to the schedule, or start a school sports club.

Problem – Students are not eating a healthy lunch.

Solution – Provide education about the importance of healthy eating, add more healthy options to the school menu, or have a “healthy lunch” contest to motivate students.

An essay might identify a problem such as climate change, and propose solutions like reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting renewable energy, and implementing international cooperation on environmental regulations.

Problem – The escalating problem of climate change.

Solution – Implementing stricter international regulations on greenhouse gas emissions, promoting the use of renewable energy sources, and educating the public about sustainable practices.

An opinion piece in a newspaper might identify a problem such as deteriorating public education quality and propose solutions such as increased funding, lower teacher-student ratios, and updated educational materials.

Problem – The deteriorating quality of public education.

Solution – Increase educational funding, decrease student-teacher ratios, and provide up-to-date and relevant educational materials.