Positive Affirmations Worksheets

About These 15 Worksheets

Imagine having a magical mirror that, every time you look into it, says something nice about you. It tells you how strong, smart, or kind you are. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, even though we might not have magical mirrors, we have something just as awesome called “Positive Affirmations Worksheets!” These are like gym exercises, but instead of making our muscles stronger, they make our minds and hearts feel better.

Now, here are 5 times when you might want to use your “invisible superhero cape” – your positive affirmations:

Before a Test – Let’s say you have a big spelling test, and you’re feeling nervous. You can tell yourself, “I am prepared” or “I’ve got this!” It’s like giving your brain a little pep talk.

Trying Something New – Imagine you’re learning to ride a bike, and it seems hard. Saying “I am brave” or “I can learn this” can give you the courage to keep going and not give up.

Making New Friends – Maybe you’re at a new school or a party, and you don’t know anyone. Feeling a bit shy? Tell yourself, “I am friendly” or “I can make a new friend today.” This can help you feel more confident to say “hi” to someone new.

When You Make a Mistake – Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, like spilling milk or breaking a toy. Instead of feeling bad, you can say, “It’s okay to make mistakes” or “I can fix this.” It’s like giving yourself a hug and remembering it’s okay to be imperfect.

Before Bed – Sometimes our minds are busy with lots of thoughts before sleep. Saying “I am loved” or “Tomorrow will be a good day” can make you feel calm and help you drift into sweet dreams.

Types of Exercises on These Worksheets

Affirmation Coloring – Everyone loves coloring, right? Imagine a page with big, bold words like “I am brave” or “I am kind.” Your job? Color these words with your favorite colors. As you color, think about the words and believe them because they’re true!

Affirmation Scramble – This is like a word puzzle. You’ll have letters mixed up, and you need to rearrange them to find the positive message. For example, “MARTS” might be scrambled, but when you rearrange them, you find the word “SMART.” You’re smart!

My Strengths List – In this exercise, there’s a list or a few lines where you write down things you’re good at. Maybe you’re awesome at math, or you can run super fast, or you’re a great friend. This is your time to shine and list all the cool things about you.

Affirmation Jar – This isn’t exactly on paper, but some worksheets will ask you to create a jar. You’ll write positive things about yourself on small papers and put them inside. Whenever you feel down or just want a boost, pull one out and read it!

Storytime – Here, you’ll read a short story about a character who might be facing a tough time. At the end of the story, you’ll be asked to think of positive affirmations for that character. This helps you think of good things for others and for yourself too!

Daily Affirmation Calendar – This is a calendar, but instead of just dates, there’s a positive affirmation for each day. Every morning, you’ll read the day’s message and keep it in mind. Maybe even say it out loud!

Mirror Talk – This is a fun one! There’s a list of positive things to say about yourself. You’ll stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself, and say them. It’s like being your own cheerleader!

Affirmation Art – This is where creativity comes in. You’ll get a phrase like “I am a star.” Now, using that phrase, you’ll create an art piece. Maybe draw yourself as a shining star in the sky or anything else that makes you happy!

Why Are These Worksheets Important?

Confidence Booster – When we remind ourselves of all the good things about us, we feel more confident. It’s like having a big, invisible shield that helps us face challenges.

Bad Day Fixer – Everyone has days when things don’t go as planned. On these days, positive affirmations are like little rays of sunshine, making things a bit brighter.

Dream Chaser – When you believe in yourself, you can chase your dreams faster. Whether you want to be an astronaut, a teacher, or a superhero, telling yourself positive things can help you get there.

Friendship Builder – When you feel good about yourself, you can make friends easier. Plus, you can share your positive affirmations with them, making them feel good too!