Phonics Word Wheels Worksheets

All About These 15 Worksheets

Phonics, the relationship between sounds and letters, is a cornerstone of early literacy development. Mastering phonics skills is essential for students as they embark on their journey to becoming proficient readers and writers.

To support students in building a strong phonics foundation, we present a collection of Phonics Word Wheels worksheets. These interactive and engaging worksheets offer students an opportunity to explore and practice phonics concepts while having fun with word manipulation.

What Are Phonics Word Wheels?

Phonic word wheels help your child learn a new sound and practice speaking and reading by merging it with other sounds. They are a fun individual and group activity for preschoolers and keep them engaged for long stretches of time. They are a perfect addition to your kids’ reading table or your word work center.

Blending and beginning sounds allows kids to create a variety of words. Once the students see, read, and hear the sounds blending, they can easily remember them and use them in daily speaking and writing.

With word wheels, kids can practice using lower or upper case letters and mixed cases. You can change the length of the words according to your kids’ progress.


Phonics word wheels are made out of two or three different colored sheets or white papers, stacked on top of one another. A stick is used to make holes in the center, and a split pin is inserted through the holes. When the disc is opened from the back, the wheels can now start spinning. Easy to assemble, these word wheels are an ingenious way to help students create words by word family or make new real and nonsense words.

Various online resources are available for downloading and printing, and almost all of them follow a similar theme. They are available in two levels, and each level has two further formats for increased difficulty.

Phonics Word Wheels LEVEL 1

The first set of word wheels is short vowels. In this set, students use word wheels to create a variety of short vowel words, including words with digraphs and blends.

Level 1 word wheels are used to introduce short vowels. Through this set, the students are able to create words with short vowels. They can choose a vowel sound (a, e, i, o, and u) and move the wheel to make new words by adding different beginning and ending sounds.

Short Vowel Words

These are the words ending with -ad, -am, -an, -ap, -at, -ell, -en, -ill, -in, -ip, -it, -og, -op, -ot, -ug, and -un.

Digraphs and Final Blends

These include words ending with -ack, -ash, -ank, -all, -ent, -est, -ick, -ink, -ing, -ock, -ump, -uck, and -unk.

Phonics Word Wheels LEVEL 2

The second level of the word wheels is divided into VCE words, words using other vowel patterns, and r-controlled vowels.

Level 2 word wheels act as vocabulary boosters for older kids or kids who have perfected basic short vowels, digraphs, and blends.

With greater difficulty, kids practicing the level 2 words already know basic sentence structure and are able to write small stories.

The List of VCE Words

-age, -ale, -ame, -ake, -ate, -ice, -ide, -ile, -ine, -one, -oke.

Other Vowel Patterns

-ail, -ain, -aw, -ay, -eat, -eel, -eep, -eet, -ight, -oat, -oil, -oo, -ook, -oom, -ool, and -oon.

Other Vowel and R-controlled

-are, -orn, -out, -oop, -ought, -ow, -own.

The Importance of Phonics Word Wheels

Phonics Word Wheels play a crucial role in developing key phonics skills. Here’s why they are important:

  1. Sound-Letter Correspondence: Phonics Word Wheels reinforce the connection between sounds and letters. They help students recognize that letters represent specific sounds, which is fundamental to reading and spelling.
  2. Word Building: These worksheets allow students to create new words by rotating the wheel to change the initial or ending sound. This word-building exercise expands vocabulary and encourages creativity in language use.
  3. Phonemic Awareness: Phonics Word Wheels promote phonemic awareness—the ability to identify and manipulate individual phonemes (sounds). This skill is essential for reading fluency and comprehension.
  4. Spelling Proficiency: As students experiment with word combinations, they gain a deeper understanding of spelling patterns and phonetic rules. This knowledge enhances spelling accuracy.

This collection of Phonics Word Wheels worksheets is a valuable resource for educators and parents dedicated to nurturing strong phonics skills in their students. These worksheets offer a dynamic and interactive approach to phonics education, making learning engaging and enjoyable. Phonics Word Wheels enhance students’ understanding of sound-letter relationships, word structure, and phonemic awareness. By using this collection, students can build a solid phonics foundation, which is essential for becoming confident readers and writers.