CR Blends Worksheets

All About These 15 Worksheets

Cr Blend worksheets might sound like a mouthful, but they’re just fun sheets filled with activities all about the “Cr” sound. When we say “blend,” we mean two letters coming together to make a special sound, like ‘C’ and ‘R’ making the “Cr” sound. These worksheets help you learn, practice, and become a master of words that start with “Cr.”

This collection of CR Blends worksheets is a comprehensive and engaging resource designed to help students develop a strong foundation in recognizing and pronouncing CR blends—a critical aspect of phonics and early literacy.

These worksheets are thoughtfully crafted to immerse students in the world of CR blends, enabling them to understand, practice, and apply this crucial phonetic skill effectively. CR blends are essential for reading fluency, word decoding, and spelling accuracy, making this resource an invaluable tool for educators and young learners.

Different Types of Exercises You Will Find On These Worksheets

Circle the Cr Words – You might see a list of words, and your job is to circle the ones that start with the “Cr” sound. This game is like a word treasure hunt!

How it helps: This exercise trains your ears and eyes to recognize the “Cr” sound and look.

Color the Pictures – Imagine a page with a crown, a cat, a crab, and a cake. You’d color only the crown and crab because they have the “Cr” sound!

How it helps: This colorful activity makes you think of words that match the pictures, helping you remember the “Cr” sound in a fun way.

Fill-In-The-Blanks – You might see a sentence like: “The knight wore a shiny ____ on his head.” And you have to write the word ‘crown’ in the blank.

How it helps: It’s like piecing together a puzzle. You practice thinking of “Cr” words that fit perfectly into the story.

Matching Pictures to Words – There might be pictures on one side (like a picture of a crow) and words on the other (like “crab”, “crow”, “cap”). You’ll draw a line from the picture of the crow to the word “crow.”

How it helps: This is like connecting the dots. It helps you match sounds to words and pictures, making you a “Cr” word detective!

Cut and Paste – Sometimes, you get to be crafty! Cut out pictures and paste them next to the right “Cr” word.

How it helps: Using your hands to match words and pictures makes learning feel like playtime. Plus, the action of cutting and pasting helps your brain remember the “Cr” words better.

Sound It Out – You might see a picture of a creature and spaces below it like this: “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ e.” Your job is to sound out the word and fill in the letters.

How it helps: This exercise tunes your ears to the “Cr” sound, helping you spell and read “Cr” words with confidence.

25 Commonly Used “Cr-” Blend Words


These words are often used to help young learners practice their phonics and early reading skills. Keep in mind that the selection of words may vary depending on the specific reading program or curriculum used in elementary schools.

The Importance of CR Blends

CR blends are consonant combinations where the “C” and “R” sounds are pronounced together without a vowel between them. Understanding and recognizing CR blends is important for several key reasons:

  1. Word Decoding: CR blends are found in many words. Proficiency in recognizing and pronouncing CR blends is crucial for decoding words accurately, improving reading fluency.
  2. Spelling Proficiency: Understanding CR blends aids students in accurately representing these sounds with letters in their writing, contributing to improved spelling skills.
  3. Vocabulary Growth: Proficiency in CR blends enables students to learn and understand a broader range of words, enriching their vocabulary.
  4. Reading Comprehension: Recognizing CR blends enhances reading skills, allowing students to decode words quickly and accurately, leading to better comprehension of texts.
  5. Early Literacy Intervention: Identifying and addressing difficulties in CR blend recognition and pronunciation early can prevent reading challenges and promote early literacy success.

This collection of CR Blends worksheets is an invaluable resource that equips educators to guide their students toward phonics excellence. By engaging with these worksheets, students not only develop a strong foundation in CR blends but also set the stage for successful reading, spelling, and overall literacy. This collection empowers educators to nurture young learners on their journey to becoming confident and proficient readers and communicators.