Animal Sounds Worksheets

All About These 15 Worksheets

Kids loves cute and funny animals. As educators we can use this natural curiosity to help students develop their language and phonemic awareness skills. This collection of Animal Sounds worksheets helps students correlate a sound with the animal that naturally would make it. There are a wide range of fun and engaging activities to help students achieve this. Students will have difficulty with the pronunciation of many of these sounds which makes it great for a class-wide pursuit.

You will find a wide range of cut and paste worksheets. These work on fine motor skills and paying attention to details which is great for Kindergarten students. In addition to all the mainstay North American animals we have come to expect in topics like this, we have added a few exotic animals not found on this continent. This can make for an exciting opportunity to introduce simple Internet research to your students. The concept is to help youngsters connect sounds to their environment and have an extension to nature.

You will also find the fine motor skill-oriented worksheets towards the top and the more language intensive worksheets towards the bottom of the page. Most of the phonics-based work can be found towards the bottom. This way the level of difficulty increases as you view the bottom most pages.

Answer keys can be found for most of the sheets. There may be a few that will require a lookup. Not keeping traditional with our name, we offer 2-sets of 15 worksheets for a total of 30. Many teachers have asked us to expand this area.

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