Picture Crosswords Worksheets

About These 15 Worksheets

A picture crossword worksheet is a type of puzzle where you fill in the words in a grid based on the pictures and hints provided. Each word is placed in a specific row or column in the grid, so that each letter fits into a square. These words can go left to right, or top to bottom. The starting point for each word is hinted at by a number that corresponds to a picture. Your task is to identify what the picture is, and write the corresponding word in the grid.

The crossword worksheets come in many types. Some of them focus on particular themes such as animals, fruits, vehicles, or holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Some are even more exciting because they tell a story, and you have to fill in the words to complete it.

You might also encounter crossword worksheets that are designed to help you learn new words or to reinforce words you’ve already learned. For instance, you may come across worksheets that focus on three-letter words, words beginning with a particular letter, rhyming words, or words associated with a particular subject like science or social studies.

These worksheets help students develop skills in specific areas such as:

Vocabulary Building – When you look at a picture and try to find a word that describes it, you’re expanding your vocabulary. Sometimes you might come across pictures that represent words you don’t know yet, and that’s a great opportunity to learn something new!

Spelling – Once you’ve figured out what word a picture represents, you have to spell that word correctly to fit it into the grid. This can help you get better at spelling because you’re practicing in a fun and engaging way.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving – Each crossword puzzle is like a little mystery you have to solve. You have to figure out where each word goes, which can sometimes be tricky. This helps you develop your problem-solving skills, as you have to think critically about which word fits where.

Phonics – Phonics is all about the sounds that letters and groups of letters make. Some crossword puzzles might ask you to find words that start with a particular sound or group of sounds. This is a great way to practice your phonics skills.

Reading Comprehension – Some crossword worksheets tell a story. To solve these, you have to understand the story and use that understanding to fill in the words. This can help you get better at understanding what you’re reading.

Cognitive Development – Crossword puzzles can also help improve your memory and concentration. You need to remember the clues you’ve solved so far and concentrate on the ones you’re working on.