What Is a Hero Worksheets

All About These 15 Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to help students understand the concept of heroism and its various aspects. They include a variety of activities that encourage critical thinking and reflection on what it means to be a hero.

Some of the activities that are included in these worksheets involve the following:

  • Defining heroism – Students may be asked to define what they think a hero is, and to consider the different qualities and actions that make someone heroic.
  • Discussing everyday heroes – Students are encouraged to think about the everyday heroes in their own lives, such as family members, teachers, or community members who have made a positive impact.
  • Creative writing prompts – Students are asked to accomplish writing prompts that require them to share their perspective on what they think makes someone a hero, like writing their own paragraphs, creating their own acrostic poem, answering questions, and more.

Overall, these worksheets can help students to develop a deeper understanding of the concept of heroism and to appreciate the heroic qualities in themselves and others.

Who Are Seen As Present Day Heroes?

Our concept of heroism has got to change. Back in the day, mothers told their young offspring stories about characters with supernatural abilities that empowered them to defeat the villain and rescue the damsel in distress; these brave-hearted mystical creatures were known as ‘heroes.’

However, it’s not just the hero who has to change, but the stories as well. Kindness has replaced supernatural abilities, and the damsel isn’t in distress anymore because she can very well rescue herself. So, since the very foundation of these stories is changing, and for the better, along with the concept of heroism, which is clearly evolving, who should students see as present-day heroes?

Single Parents

Raising a child with a partner is difficult enough. Hence one cannot even imagine the strength a single parent needs to raise their child alone. Single parents, mothers, fathers, and guardians all match the definition of a ‘hero.’ These champions put their children before themselves every day and compromise on life’s simple pleasures just to see their child smile. They work tirelessly through the day and care for their children through the night. When do they rest? If such unmatched kindness, strength, and courage are not considered supernatural abilities, then what is? The prospect of raising a child alone is frightening, yet single parents make it look easy, and that is why they will always be heroes.


Since the beginning of time, healers have been an integral part of every community. In today’s world, doctors are the healers that put their patients before themselves and strive to heal afflictions. For instance, the pandemic shed light on the real heroes in society, and doctors were the ones fighting the contagious coronavirus by putting themselves on the line to rescue their patients. Doctors are humans, too; they have families, partners, and children they love and adore. Yet, they chose to save several people every day instead of protecting themselves even when they were just as vulnerable to the virus. The world lost many brave doctors during the pandemic who fought not only for their lives but the lives of their people. A hero is someone who rescues others who are weaker than them, and doctors have made the greatest show of strength the world has ever seen.

Social Activists

Heroes fight for the rights of their people, and modern-day social activists fight for you. These individuals take grave risks and put their lives on the line to protect your cause and raise their voices so that your emotions may be heard. What would society be without social activists if not a community devoid of the ability to hear, understand, and empathize with each other’s pain?


These men and women stay awake as you sleep, starve as you eat, and fight so that you may live. Heroism is based on bravery, fearlessness, and kindness. Soldiers protect your homeland and trade their lives to empower your livelihood, making the biggest sacrifice of all time. Hero is an understatement for your modern-day knights in shining armor.


Heroes are responsible for gifting their people with freedom. Teachers gift their students with knowledge and wisdom that provides them with the tools to build their future and live the life they have always wanted. These resilient individuals empower others by freeing them from the burdens of real life. Where can one go if they do not have knowledge, wisdom, or etiquette? Teachers are the heroes who grant you freedom from the shackles of society and enable you to think for yourself and be your own person.