Premise Worksheets

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While many say that every form of writing is simply a work of imagination, the idea cannot be further from the truth.

Believe it or not, be it poetry or prose, everything is constantly inspired by one thing or another. And while this inspiration is considered the main idea of a story, drama, or even an undergraduate thesis, the imagination part comes later to build an attention gripping narrative that would keep the reader hooked to the piece of writing.

But how exactly is such a premise of a piece of writing determined? Because the possibilities of what sets the main idea of a story remain endless. It can be anything from personalized life experiences to simply relating to a small quote that a famous personality might have said hundreds of years ago.

And we are here to tell you how to know all that you need to about it.

1. It Is Always the First Step

This stage should be done before any other when determining the primary idea.

Establishing a concrete premise allows the writer to have a clear-cut view of what the piece will be about. It helps the writer plan the different components needed to complete the project effectively and efficiently.

2. Learn to Pinpoint the Premise of the Writing

That is right; the premise is not only an abstract concept.

Premises are actually mentioned in the piece of writing in a summarized form, mostly a sentence or two, which makes the reader understand clearly what the main idea was used to establish the writing in the first place. It also allows the author to set certain expectations for the reader while also giving the author a direction to work in.

For example, in a dissertation, this way of summarizing a premise is called a thesis statement. It allows the reader to know not only what the research would be about but also helps understand the objectives and motives of the writing.

3. The Premise is the Foundation of the Writing

When one is writing anything, it is crucial to lay a strong groundwork to make sure that the following structure is stable. And that is exactly what a premise is supposed to do. It helps the author to stick to the main idea of his work and always have a way out in moments where he might seem stuck. And for that, the idea must be a strong one.