Domino Subtraction Worksheets

About These 15 Worksheets

When you think of dominoes, you might picture those small rectangular tiles with dots on them. These dots are called pips. Each domino has two sets of pips, separated by a line in the middle. The number of pips on each end can vary. Some ends might have no pips at all, while others might have one, two, three, or even more pips. The arrangement and number of these pips are used to represent different numbers on the domino.

Now, imagine a worksheet that has pictures of these dominoes but also has subtraction problems next to them. These are fun worksheets where you use dominoes to practice taking away numbers.

Types of Problems on These Worksheets

Simple Subtraction Using Pips

Here, you’ll see a domino with pips. For example, one side might have 4 pips, and the other side might have 2 pips. The problem will look like this – “4 – 2 = ?”. This is a super visual way to learn subtraction. It’s easy to count the pips and take some away. It helps make the idea of “taking away” very clear.

Matching Dominoes to Equations

In this type, you might be given a list of subtraction problems and a bunch of domino pictures. Your job is to match each domino with the right subtraction equation. This type of problem challenges your observation skills. You have to really look at the pips and think about subtraction at the same time. It’s like a mini brain workout!

Subtracting Bigger Numbers Using Multiple Dominoes

Instead of just one domino, you might have to use two or three dominoes to solve a problem. For example, if one domino shows “6 and 4” and another shows “3 and 2”, you might need to subtract 3 from 6 or 2 from 4. This type is excellent for practicing more complicated subtraction problems. It prepares you for bigger challenges in math.

Fill in the Blank Dominoes

Here, you’ll see a domino with some pips missing and a subtraction problem below. You have to fill in the missing pips based on the subtraction result. This is great for testing your subtraction knowledge. You have to think backwards – instead of taking away, you’re adding pips!

Why Are These Worksheets Beneficial for Students?

Hands-On Learning – Using domino pictures, you can physically count or cover up pips. It’s like using your hands to think! Seeing the subtraction process with the pips helps you understand what subtraction really means. Some people learn best when they see things, and dominoes help with that.

Flexibility – Domino worksheets can be made easy or challenging, so they’re perfect for everyone. Whether you’re just starting with subtraction or you’re a subtraction superstar, there’s a domino problem for you.

Building Confidence – Since dominoes make subtraction fun, every time you solve a problem, you feel like a math detective. This boosts your confidence in math.

Critical Thinking – Some domino problems need a bit of thinking and puzzling out, which is fantastic for your brain. It’s like lifting weights but for your mind!

Domino Subtraction worksheets turn math into a game. They make learning subtraction exciting and help you understand the “why” behind the math. The next time you see a domino, remember it’s not just a toy or a game piece. It’s a cool math tool! So, the next time you come across a Domino Subtraction worksheet, give it a try and enjoy the world of learning with dominoes.