Domino Subtraction Template

Domino Subtraction Template Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a teaching aid for subtraction using the concept of number bonds, represented by blank dominoes. The worksheet displays several number bond diagrams, each with a domino shape that has two squares for the ‘parts’ and a rectangle for the ‘whole’. Students are expected to fill in the squares and rectangle to create a number bond and then write a corresponding subtraction sentence. The activity guides students to think about the relationship between the parts of the domino and the whole number it represents.

The worksheet is designed to teach students about number bonds and their connection to subtraction. It encourages students to recognize that a whole number can be broken down into parts and that subtraction is the process of finding one part when the whole and the other part are known. By filling in the number bonds and writing the subtraction sentences, students develop an understanding of how subtraction is related to decomposing numbers. This exercise not only improves subtraction skills but also helps in enhancing students’ overall number sense.