Open Domino Difference

Open Domino Difference Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is structured for students to practice writing subtraction sentences based on number bonds, using the visual concept of dominoes. The worksheet features blank templates where students are expected to fill in the numbers to create number bonds and then write the corresponding subtraction sentences. There are no pre-filled numbers or dominoes with dots; instead, the spaces are provided for students to work with numbers that would be typically found on dominoes. The format encourages the understanding of subtraction in terms of parts and wholes, which is central to the number bond concept.

The worksheet is designed to reinforce the understanding of number bonds and their relationship to subtraction. It teaches students how to construct and deconstruct numbers, an important skill for developing mathematical fluency. By writing out the subtraction sentences, students practice how to express and solve subtraction problems. This exercise not only improves their arithmetic skills but also deepens their comprehension of how numbers can be broken down into component parts, a foundational concept in mathematics.