4 Digit Subtraction Worksheets

About These 15 Worksheets

This collection of worksheets focuses on the process of taking away one 4-digit number from another. For example, if you have 5,679 apples (that’s a lot of apples, isn’t it?) and you give 3,432 apples to your friends, how many apples do you have left? Questions like these can be solved using 4-digit subtraction, and these worksheets offer you plenty of practice in answering them.

They can help you improve your math skills in a number of different ways including:

Understanding the Concept of Subtraction – By starting to work with 4-digit subtraction worksheets, you get a deeper understanding of subtraction as a whole. It helps you see how numbers work together and how they can decrease or ‘subtract’ when we take some away. You’ll find out more about concepts like ‘borrowing’ or ‘regrouping’, which are very important in subtraction.

Enhancing Mental Math Skills – With consistent practice, you’ll notice that you can solve subtraction problems more quickly and even start doing them in your head. This enhancement of your mental math skills will be useful not just in math class, but in everyday life, like when you’re shopping with your parents and want to figure out how much money you’ll have left after buying your favorite toy.

Boosting Confidence – The more you practice, the more confident you’ll feel about subtraction. This confidence can spill over into other areas of math and schoolwork, making you a better, more eager student. Just like being able to dribble a basketball confidently can make you a better player, being confident in subtraction can make you better in math.

Preparation for More Advanced Math – While 4-digit subtraction might seem big now, it’s also preparing you for even bigger numbers and more complicated math problems in the future. You’ll have to tackle fractions, decimals, and even algebra later on, and practicing your subtraction now will give you a strong foundation for all of that.

Problem-Solving Skills – Sometimes, subtraction problems can be tricky. They might require you to think hard, consider different options, and even make mistakes before you get the right answer. This is actually a good thing! Each time you solve a problem, you’re training your brain to think logically and critically, which are skills you’ll need in all areas of life.

Practicing Patience and Persistence – Subtraction, especially with 4-digit numbers, can sometimes be tough and require a lot of steps. But don’t worry! This is helping you to become more patient and persistent. These are essential skills, not just for math, but for learning anything new.

How to Approach These Types of Problems

To solve a 4-digit subtraction problem, you can follow these steps:

Step 1) Align the numbers vertically

Write down the larger number on top and the smaller number beneath it, aligning the digits in their corresponding places. Make sure that each digit is properly aligned with its place value.

Step 2) Start from the rightmost column

Begin subtracting from the rightmost column (ones place). Subtract the digit in the bottom number from the digit in the top number in that column. If the digit in the top number is smaller than the digit in the bottom number, you will need to regroup.

Step 3) Regroup if necessary

If the digit in the top number is smaller than the digit in the bottom number, regroup by borrowing from the next higher place value. Decrease the digit in the higher place value by 1 and increase the digit in the lower place value by 10. This allows you to have enough to subtract.

Step 4) Continue subtracting column by column

Move to the next column to the left (tens place) and subtract the digits in that column. Again, if necessary, regroup by borrowing from the next higher place value.

Step 5) Repeat until all columns are subtracted

Continue moving left and subtracting the digits in each subsequent column, regrouping as needed, until you have subtracted all the columns.