Dots to Help

Dots to Help Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a series of subtraction problems in the format of dominoes. For each problem, there are two numbers given, representing the two halves of a domino. Students are instructed to visualize the dots on each half of the domino according to the numbers, perform the subtraction, and write the correct answer in the provided space. The dominoes are not actually depicted; rather, the idea of a domino is used conceptually to frame the subtraction problems.

The worksheet is teaching students to associate the visual representation of dominoes with numerical subtraction. It encourages them to translate numerical values into visual representations (dots on a domino) and then perform the subtraction operation. This activity aims to strengthen their understanding of subtraction as taking away from a larger number to find the difference. Additionally, it helps to solidify the concept of subtraction in a visual and engaging way, bridging the gap between concrete objects and abstract numbers.