Match the Domino Differences

Match the Domino Differences Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a subtraction exercise that uses domino tiles as a visual aid. Students are instructed to count the dots on each half of the domino, subtract the smaller number from the larger, and then draw a line to match the domino with the correct number from a given list. The worksheet includes several dominoes, each with a varying number of dots, and a list of numbers on the side. The goal is to connect each domino to the number that represents the result of the subtraction.

The worksheet aims to teach students the basic concept of subtraction by using a familiar game piece. It helps to develop counting skills, as students must count the dots on each domino. The matching aspect of the exercise reinforces number recognition and the understanding of subtraction as a means of finding the difference between two quantities. Additionally, this activity enhances fine motor skills through the action of drawing lines and provides a visual and interactive way for students to engage with arithmetic.