Vertical Domino Differences

Vertical Domino Differences Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a learning tool that employs dominoes to teach basic subtraction skills to students. It features several domino tiles, each divided into two sections with a set of dots. The students are tasked with counting the dots on each side of the domino and performing a subtraction operation, indicated by the subtraction sign between the sections. The worksheet’s design prompts students to write the difference of the two numbers represented by the dots in the space provided below each domino.

The worksheet teaches students how to visually and numerically subtract one number from another. By counting the dots on the dominoes, students practice their counting and number recognition skills. The activity aids in the understanding that subtraction represents the removal of one quantity from another, leading to a smaller number. Furthermore, this exercise helps to establish the foundational arithmetic concept of subtraction, which is essential for students’ mathematical development.