Graphing Worksheets

About Our Graphing Worksheets

Bar Graphs Worksheets

Useful for presenting and comparing data in a visually clear manner, students explore how to read and interpret bar graphs through this series of worksheets. With a variety of topics, including data analysis and problem-solving, students get ample practice in mastering this math skill and develop their graphing abilities.

Circle Graphs Worksheets

More popularly known as pie charts, circle graphs display data in the form of a circle divided into sectors or “slices.” Through these worksheets, students practice analyzing data shown in circle graphs and creating their own to reflect accurate empirical data.

Coordinate Plane Worksheets

This collection of sheets helps reinforce concepts related to the coordinate system, improve graphing skills, and build a foundation for understanding algebra and geometry. You will practice graphing points, lines, and shapes on a two-dimensional grid known as the coordinate plane.

Graphing Lines Worksheets

Help students grasp the concepts of linear equations and how they relate to graphs. As they work through these worksheets, students will develop the skills to confidently graph lines and recognize the connections between equations and their visual representations.

Histograms Worksheets

This series of worksheets provides a variety of exercises to help students understand how to read and create histograms, and interpret data from them. With a focus on topics like frequency distribution and central tendency, these worksheets help students further practice their graphing skills and gain a deeper understanding of data analysis.

Line Graphs Worksheets

Data can change over time, and line graphs visualize this through points plotted on a two-dimensional plane. Through a wide variety of exercises that aims to practice students’ skills on data analysis and problem-solving, they gain a deeper understanding of trends and patterns in data as illustrated in a line graph.

Ordered Pairs Worksheets

You will find that this series can improve students’ ability to think spatially, grasp the Cartesian coordinate system, and interpret graphical data. As students advance, these skills become essential for excelling in subjects like algebra, geometry, physics, and other areas that rely on graphing and spatial thinking.

Pictographs Worksheets

Pictographs are an effective way to convey simple data in a visually engaging and accessible manner. Through this series of free worksheets, students practice reading and interpreting data in pictographs through a comprehensive set of exercises.

Quadrant Worksheets

By working on these exercises, students will gain a clear understanding of how the coordinate plane is organized and why the signs of x and y coordinates are important.

Tally Charts Worksheets

With a focus on topics like frequency and data organization, these worksheets offer ample practice for students to develop their data analysis skills and gain a deeper understanding of numerical representation. From reading and creating tally charts, to interpreting data from them, students gain mastery in using them for data analysis.