Letter O Worksheets

About These 15 Worksheets

Letter O Worksheets are specifically designed to help students, like you, understand and practice the fifth vowel in the alphabet, the letter ‘O’. These worksheets can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common – they’re all about the letter ‘O’!

Some worksheets will focus on teaching you how to write the letter ‘O’. This could be an uppercase ‘O’ or a lowercase ‘o’. Remember, practice makes perfect! By tracing and writing the letter ‘O’ repeatedly, you’ll get the hang of its shape and how to write it neatly. These activities are like drawing exercises, but you’re drawing letters instead.

There are worksheets that help you recognize the letter ‘O’. They could present a list or grid full of different letters, and your task would be to find and circle all the ‘O’s. This helps train your eyes to recognize the shape of the letter ‘O’ among other letters.

You will also connect the letter ‘O’ with the sounds it makes. You know, ‘O’ can make different sounds, right? Like the ‘o’ in ‘octopus’, or the ‘o’ in ‘one’. You might get a worksheet that has a mix of pictures, and you’ll need to identify which ones start with the ‘O’ sound. They could also expand your vocabulary. Remember when we discussed the 50 ‘O’ words? A vocabulary worksheet might list words that start with ‘O’ and ask you to match each word to its correct picture or definition.

These worksheets also teach you that ‘O’ isn’t always at the start of a word. You might get worksheets that ask you to fill in missing letters in words, and sometimes the missing letter will be ‘O’!

They’re versatile and offer many ways to explore the letter ‘O’. You get to draw, write, read, listen, and even solve puzzles, all while learning about this one letter. But the key point to remember is that the goal of these worksheets is to make you comfortable with the letter ‘O’.