Skip Counting By 10s Worksheets

What Are Skip Counting By 10s Worksheets?

These worksheets will help children develop their ability to count from a given number to another number by increments of 10. These worksheets  feature a series of numbers, with the focus on counting up or down by 10s.

Skip counting by 10s worksheets can come in many different forms, such as fill-in-the-blank exercises, matching games, and puzzles. Some worksheets might ask children to fill in the missing numbers in a series of numbers counting up or down by 10s, while others might ask them to circle or cross out the numbers counting up or down by 10s.

Skip counting by 10s is a fundamental skill that sets the stage for more advanced mathematical concepts. It helps children transition to skip counting by larger numbers, understanding multiplication by multiples of 10, and working with place value in higher-grade levels. It also has practical applications in measurement and time. It helps children understand concepts such as measuring length using a ruler with markings of 10 units and reading the numbers on a clock where the minute hand advances in multiples of 10.

The goal with this skill is to introduce children to place value. They learn that each digit in a number represents a specific value based on its position. For example, when counting by 10s, the tens place digit changes while the ones place remains the same.

How to Practice Skip Counting By 10s

Practicing skip counting by 10s is an essential skill that helps students develop number sense, mental math abilities, and a foundation for multiplication. Here are some strategies and activities to practice skip counting by 10s:

Understand the Pattern – Start by recognizing the pattern when counting by 10s. The last digit remains the same (0), while the first digit increases by one each time (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100).

Use a Number Chart or Number Line – Use a number chart or number line to help visualize the sequence of numbers when counting by 10s. Point to or highlight the numbers as you count, reinforcing the pattern and sequence.

Count Objects in Groups of 10 – Collect objects, such as coins, blocks, or buttons, and arrange them in groups of 10. Practice skip counting by 10s as you count the total number of objects.

Use Songs and Rhymes – Find songs, rhymes, or chants that involve skip counting by 10s. This can make learning more engaging and help you memorize the sequence more easily.

Incorporate Movements – Engage in physical activities that involve counting by 10s, such as jumping or clapping while counting, or playing hopscotch with multiples of 10 written on the squares.

Play Games – Play board games, card games, or online games that involve skip counting by 10s. These games can reinforce the skill and make learning more enjoyable.

Use Manipulatives – Use base-ten blocks, counting rods, or other manipulatives to represent multiples of 10. This hands-on approach can help reinforce understanding and make counting more concrete.

Practice Mental Math – Practice skip counting by 10s mentally, without using visual aids or manipulatives. This helps build mental math skills and confidence in counting by 10s.

Apply Real-world Examples – Use real-world scenarios to practice counting by 10s, such as counting money (with dimes) or calculating elapsed time in 10-minute increments.

Set Goals and Track Progress – Set personal goals for mastering skip counting by 10s, such as being able to count to 100 within a certain time frame or without making mistakes. Track your progress and celebrate your achievements.