Decimals Worksheets

About Our Decimals Worksheets

Comparing Decimals Worksheets

These worksheets have a wide range of exercises that aim to help students practice comparing the values of decimals. From using the symbols >,<, and =, to ordering decimals in the correct ascending order, and more, students learn different methods to compare decimals.

Decimal Addition Worksheets

Students learn to perform addition on numbers with decimals through this series of free worksheets. With various exercises from simple equations to word problems, they master this skill and understand how it can be applied to practical situations.

Decimal Division Worksheets

Over the course of these problems you will learn how to divide decimal and whole number values into each other.  We will present the problems in a fashion that indicates a form of sharing.

Decimal Multiplication Worksheets

The different types of exercises in these worksheets help students be familiar with the methods and techniques they can use in multiplying numbers with decimals. By completing the worksheets, students develop a deeper appreciation for the topic as they see how it can be applied in day-to-day situations.

Decimal Subtraction Worksheets

Through repetition of solving simple subtraction equations involving numbers with decimals, students develop mastery in this topic. They can also be timed to provide more challenge in accomplishing the worksheets.

Decimals in Words

Students will learn how to convert numerical values into words and phrases.  This is a great way to introduce the concept of check writing and understanding the exact nature of a value.

Number Line Decimals

Students will learn how to visual fractional and decimal values on a number line.  These are helpful for comparing numeric values that you are new to.

Ordering Decimals Worksheets

You will learn how to order and sort a series of decimal values in both ascending and descending order.  This is an extension of the skill of being able to compare decimal values.

Place Value of Decimals

You will learn the value of every digit that resides within a decimal numeric value.  Students will point to an integer and be able to understand what it represents in the broad terms of things.

Rounding Decimals Worksheets

Learning all about decimals is not complete without mastery on rounding them. These worksheets can help students practice rounding decimals through a variety of activities.