Picture Sentences Worksheets

About These 15 Worksheets

Picture Sentences Worksheets are used primarily in early elementary classrooms to help children develop their writing, reading comprehension, and sentence structure skills. Each worksheet contains a set of pictures. Each picture serves as a prompt for the student to create a sentence. For example, if there’s a picture of a dog chasing a ball, the student might write, “The dog is chasing the ball.”

These worksheets encourage students to think about the sentence structure – subject, verb, and possibly an object. This helps students understand how sentences are formed and what components they contain. Picture sentences worksheets also promote vocabulary development. They often contain pictures of things that children might not deal with in their daily lives, encouraging them to learn new words. When used in reverse, i.e., when the students are provided with sentences and then asked to draw a corresponding picture, these worksheets can help improve reading comprehension skills.

6 Steps to Write a Sentence About an Image

Observe the Image Carefully – Look at all the details in the image, including the background, the main subjects, the expressions, the colors, and any particular details that stand out.

Identify the Main Subject – Determine what or who is the central focus of the image. This is usually what your sentence will be about.

Describe the Action – What is happening in the image? Is someone doing something, or is something happening to them? Use a verb to describe the action.

Use Adjectives – Describe the main subject using adjectives. How does the subject look? What kind of emotions does the subject evoke?

Consider the Context – What can you infer from the image about the situation or the environment? Is it a happy, sad, dangerous, or peaceful situation?

Write Your Sentence – Now, put it all together. Start with the main subject, add the action, and then any descriptive details or context.

An Example For You

Let’s take an example – Suppose you’re looking at an image of a child flying a colorful kite in a sunny park. A sentence about this image might be – “In the bright sunlight, a cheerful child is joyfully flying a colorful kite in the bustling park.”