Multiplication Worksheets

About Our Multiplication Worksheets

2 digit by 1 digit Multiplication

Teachers can use this series of worksheets to introduce the topic of multiplication to their students. Through practice in multiplying 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, students grasp the basic methods in this operation. Most of the worksheets provide grids to guide students in the process, and more advanced students can try the exercises that ask them to identify the multiplicand or multiplier instead of the product.

2 digit by 2 digit Multiplication

Multiplying 2-digit numbers together is a longer process than having 1-digit multipliers, but the concept is the same. Through repetition, students further develop their mastery on multiplication.

2 digit by 3 digit Multiplication

The grids in this series are more useful with 2-digit by 3-digit multiplication equations. More advanced students can try their hand at figuring out the multiplicand or multiplier instead of the product.

3 digit by 1 digit Multiplication

It is ideal for students who have practiced 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication to try this series of worksheets next. By multiplying the multiplicand with the single digit multiplier from right to left, students can come up with the product.

4 digit Multiplication

As students develop their skill in this operation further, this series of worksheets is the ultimate test of their understanding on the topic. With 4-digit multiplicands and multipliers, students can also be timed as they complete these worksheets for more challenge.

Box Method Multiplication

The engaging exercises in this series encourages students to understand and master this alternative method of multiplying multi-digit numbers. The box method can be helpful for students who struggle with traditional multiplication methods, as it provides a visual and structured approach to solving multiplication problems.

Double Digit Multiplication

By practicing multiplication on double digit multiplicands and multipliers, students get more familiar with the process of solving equations. For greater challenge, some worksheets also ask students to identify the missing multiplicand or multiplier instead of the product.

Long Multiplication

This series of worksheets provides a range of exercises to help students understand and master this important math operation. With a focus on multi-digit multiplication, including problems with regrouping and carrying over, these worksheets help students build their skills and gain confidence in long multiplication.

Single Digit Multiplication

With enough practice multiplying single-digit numbers together, students can improve their mental math skills. By repetition, they become more familiar with the products certain combinations of multipliers and multiplicands produce.

Times Tables

Dealing with equations that have 10, 11, 12, or 14 as the multiplier are more challenging than single-digit numbers. The times table exercises in this series of worksheets help students master multiplying equations that have double-digit numbers as their multipliers.

Triple Digit Multiplication

Students practice multiplying 3-digit numbers together in this series of worksheets. Some of them ask the students to fill in the missing multiplicand or multiplier in the equation, providing more challenge once they have gained enough mastery in this essential math operation.