What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Worksheet Description

The worksheet examines the intriguing mystery surrounding the extinction of dinosaurs, who once dominated the Earth. It primarily discusses the asteroid impact theory, detailing the catastrophic consequences such a collision had on the environment. The text highlights the aftermath of this colossal impact, from the blocking of sunlight to dramatic temperature changes, which created an inhospitable world for these ancient creatures. Additionally, it touches upon other theories and ongoing research in the quest to understand the full story behind the demise of these magnificent beasts.

To successfully engage with this material, students should first read the text carefully, taking note of the primary events and theories presented. While reading, they may find it helpful to underline or highlight key information, ensuring that they grasp the sequence of events and their implications. Following the reading, students can summarize each paragraph in their own words or engage in group discussions to compare understanding. Encouraging further research or asking thought-provoking questions based on the content can deepen their insights into the topic.

The central aim of this worksheet is to cultivate an understanding of historical events, scientific theories, and the methodology of inquiry. Through exploring the possible reasons behind the dinosaurs’ extinction, students are introduced to the concept of evidence-based reasoning and the scientific method. They are encouraged to understand the significance of environmental changes on species survival and the interconnectedness of various natural phenomena. Beyond just presenting facts, this sheet underscores the importance of continual research and the ever-evolving nature of scientific understanding, fostering a sense of curiosity and critical thinking.

Long, long ago, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. They were mighty and fascinating creatures, but something puzzling happened that made them disappear. Scientists have been trying to solve this mystery for a very long time, and they have a running theory about what might have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The theory that many scientists believe in is called the asteroid impact theory. According to this theory, about 66 million years ago, a massive asteroid, which is like a giant space rock, hit the Earth. This asteroid was as huge as a mountain! When it crashed into the Earth, it caused a gigantic explosion and sent dust, rocks, and debris flying into the atmosphere.

The aftermath of this impact was catastrophic. The debris from the asteroid blocked the sunlight from reaching the Earth’s surface. Sunlight is essential for plants to grow, and with so little sunlight, plants began to die. Since dinosaurs ate plants or other animals that depended on plants, their food source vanished, and it became challenging for them to find enough to eat.