Color What is Left

Color What is Left Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is designed to teach subtraction through a coloring activity, making it engaging for young learners. Each problem presents a set number of flowers, instructing the student to subtract a certain number by coloring them. The initial number of flowers corresponds to the first number in the subtraction problem, and the number of flowers to be colored matches the second number. After coloring the correct amount, students can easily see how many flowers are left uncolored, which represents the answer to the subtraction problem.

The worksheet is aimed at helping students understand the concept of subtraction as taking away from a group. It provides a visual method for children to see the subtraction process by coloring, which reinforces the idea that the number of items decreases as we subtract. This hands-on activity not only makes learning subtraction fun but also helps improve fine motor skills as students color within the lines. By engaging with this task, students can practice counting and subtraction in a creative and interactive way.