Unit Place Unpacker

Unit Place Unpacker Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet takes students on a mathematical excavation, digging into the digits of numbers presented in expanded exponential form to uncover their standard form treasures. It displays a list of numbers, each expressed as a sum of terms where each term is a digit multiplied by a power of ten. The students’ mission is to calculate these sums to find the standard form of each number, essentially packing up the expanded form into its compact counterpart. The first example is solved, demonstrating how to compress 3 x 10<sup>2</sup> + 1 x 10<sup>1</sup> + 4 x 10<sup>0</sup> into the standard form number 314.

This worksheet trains students to translate expanded exponential forms back into standard numerical form, focusing on the value each digit contributes based on its position. It teaches them the inverse process of expanding a number, helping to cement the concept of place value from the unit place up. This exercise reinforces their skills in adding terms with exponents, an essential step in many mathematical operations. Students learn the importance of each digit’s position in a number and how to efficiently combine these positions to form a cohesive and accurate numerical value.