The Exponent Experience

The Exponent Experience Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is about transforming repeated multiplication, also known as expanded form, into exponential form. Students are given a series of multiplication strings, where a single number is multiplied by itself multiple times. They must count the occurrences of each number and rewrite the expression using a base (the repeated number) and an exponent (the count of occurrences). For example, the number 3 appears 7 times in the first problem, which is written beside it as 3<sup>7</sup>.

The purpose of the “Exponent Express” worksheet is to teach students how to recognize and express repeated multiplication as an exponent. This skill simplifies long multiplication strings into more manageable expressions using powers. It helps students understand that exponents are a form of shorthand for multiplication, which becomes particularly useful as they encounter larger numbers and more complex algebraic expressions. The worksheet also serves to strengthen their foundational math skills, paving the way for deeper learning in algebra and calculus.