Difference Maze

Difference Maze Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a mathematical coloring activity that integrates subtraction practice with an art exercise, tailored for children. It is composed of various sections outlined within a larger image, where each section contains a subtraction problem. The problems involve numbers up to 20, and each has a designated color associated with the numerical result of the subtraction. As children solve the problems, they color each section according to the color key provided, which will ultimately reveal a patterned picture.

The worksheet is aimed at reinforcing the children’s subtraction skills by providing them with practice in computing differences between numbers up to 20. It is structured to enhance their understanding of number relationships through subtraction and to encourage accuracy in their calculations. By associating numerical answers with specific colors, the exercise also taps into the students’ visual and artistic abilities, making the learning process more engaging. This dual focus on math and art helps to maintain the students’ interest and motivation as they work through the math problems and see their artwork take shape.