Single From Double Subtraction

Single From Double Subtraction Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a mathematical tool designed to assist students in practicing subtraction by using a number line. It features a series of subtraction equations where students are required to find the difference between two numbers, both of which are under 20. Beneath each subtraction problem, there is a number line ranging from 0 to 20, serving as a visual aid for students to count backwards and determine the answer. The layout of the worksheet is clear and organized, with ample space provided for students to write their answers next to each problem.

The worksheet aims to strengthen students’ understanding of subtraction by employing a number line, which is an effective strategy for visualizing the subtraction process. It teaches students to associate subtraction with moving to the left on the number line, thereby decreasing numerical value. This method is particularly beneficial in helping students conceptualize the distance between numbers and improve their counting skills in reverse. Moreover, consistent practice with this technique is intended to develop students’ confidence and speed in performing subtraction operations without the need for physical counting tools.