Cut the Difference

Cut the Difference Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a subtraction activity designed for young students to practice subtracting single-digit numbers. The exercise features eight subtraction problems, each followed by an empty box where students are expected to place the correct answer. At the bottom of the worksheet, there are numbers within dotted lines, suggesting that these are to be cut out. Students are instructed to solve the subtraction problems and then paste the cut-out numbers into the corresponding boxes to show the answers.

The worksheet is teaching students to subtract single-digit numbers, with all results being less than or equal to 10. It helps to reinforce basic subtraction facts and supports the development of fine motor skills through the cut-and-paste activity. By physically manipulating the numbers and placing them in the correct boxes, students engage in a tactile learning experience that can enhance their understanding of the subtraction process. This method of learning also provides an interactive way for children to verify their subtraction skills in a hands-on manner.