Two Patterns

Two Patterns Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet serves as an instructional tool for constructing similes, which are figures of speech that draw comparisons between two dissimilar things using “like” or “as.” It outlines two specific patterns for creating similes and provides examples for each: one using a verb and the other using an adjective before the word “as.” The students are given tasks to create similes following each pattern, with prompts that describe attributes such as being small or fun, or objects being sturdy or cheap. The exercise is designed to guide students through the process of writing their own similes by applying the demonstrated patterns.

The purpose of this worksheet is to teach students the structure and creation of similes using two distinct syntactic formulas. It helps students understand how similes can be formed by combining verbs or adjectives with nouns in a specific order to make comparisons. This practice aims to enhance students’ creative writing skills by enabling them to express characteristics and qualities in a more vivid and imaginative manner. By completing the exercise, students will gain a practical understanding of how similes contribute to richer and more descriptive language.