Trees and Time of Year

Trees and Time of Year Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a matching activity designed to help students learn about the four seasons. On the left side of the page, the names of the seasons-Summer, Spring, Winter, and Autumn-are written in colorful, stylized fonts. On the right side, there are illustrations of trees, each depicting a different seasonal appearance. The students’ task is to match each season with the tree that represents it, based on the clues given by the trees’ leaves and colors.

The objective of the worksheet is to teach students to recognize the typical environmental changes that accompany each season. It reinforces the concepts of seasonal cycles by associating specific tree characteristics, such as full green leaves for summer and bare branches for winter, with the correct season. This activity also develops critical thinking and observational skills, as students must discern subtle differences in the trees that correlate with seasonal changes. Furthermore, by matching words to images, it aids in vocabulary building and the understanding of natural patterns.