Cold Season

Cold Season Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet provides a visual exercise for students, displaying a winter scene with snowfall, a snowman, and children engaged in snow-related activities. The image portrays a building with snow on the roof, a snow-covered tree, and children wearing winter clothing. Students are expected to observe the details in the picture, such as the snowflakes, the attire of the characters, and the overall snowy landscape to guess the season depicted. The worksheet uses a vibrant illustration to engage the students’ attention and provoke thought.

The worksheet is teaching students to identify winter through various visual cues commonly associated with the season. It encourages them to make connections between the weather conditions, clothing, and activities shown in the image to the concept of winter. By analyzing the illustration, students develop their observational skills and learn to associate specific environmental changes and cultural symbols with the appropriate season. This activity also enhances their understanding of the seasonal cycle and the distinct features of each season.