I Like To Do

I Like To Do Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a personal reflection activity related to the four seasons. It provides a blank space for the student to write their name at the top and then presents four large boxes without any labels or instructions inside them. Above these boxes, the text prompts students to think about and depict what they like to do during each season. The open-ended nature of the task allows for a variety of responses, whether through drawing, writing, or a combination of both, enabling students to express their seasonal preferences creatively.

The worksheet is designed to encourage students to reflect on and articulate their favorite seasonal activities. It serves as a tool for self-expression, allowing children to explore and communicate their individual interests and experiences related to different times of the year. The absence of specific guidelines or pre-labeled seasons means students must independently recall and identify seasonal activities, promoting both memory and critical thinking skills. This activity also gives educators insight into each student’s personal connection with the seasons, which can be used to foster a more engaging learning environment.