Values of Integers

Values of Integers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is divided into two sections, both centered around the concept of integers. In the first part, students are asked to write an integer to represent various real-life situations, such as withdrawing money, harvesting crops, receiving items, a decrease in temperature, and an altitude above sea level. The second part of the worksheet requires students to write the opposite value of given integers, which involves understanding and applying the concept of negation. This portion helps students practice flipping the sign of a number to its counterpart on the number line.

The worksheet aims to teach students how to model real-world situations with integers, emphasizing the application of positive and negative numbers to represent increases and decreases, or quantities above or below a reference point. It also reinforces the understanding of integers as positions on the number line, where each number has an opposite that is the same distance from zero in the other direction. By asking for the opposite value of integers, it further cements the concept of additive inverses in the context of number theory. This foundational work prepares students for algebraic concepts that rely on the manipulation and understanding of positive and negative numbers.