3-Digit Grid Subtraction

3-Digit Grid Subtraction Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet consists of a collection of three-digit subtraction problems, each set up in a vertical format. The problems require students to subtract the lower number (the subtrahend) from the upper number (the minuend). Blank spaces are provided below each problem where students are to write their answers. The vertical setup of the problems suggests that students may need to use borrowing to solve some of them, especially where the digits in the minuend are smaller than the corresponding digits in the subtrahend.

The worksheet’s purpose is to teach students the technique of subtraction with three-digit numbers, including the process of regrouping or borrowing when necessary. It helps to solidify their understanding of place value and the importance of aligning digits according to their value. The practice offered by this worksheet aims to build students’ confidence and proficiency in handling larger numbers in subtraction. It also enhances their problem-solving skills and their ability to perform more complex mathematical operations.