2-Digit Regrouping Subtraction

2-Digit Regrouping Subtraction Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet presents a set of forty subtraction problems featuring two-digit numbers. Each problem is structured vertically, which is the typical format for performing subtraction that may involve borrowing from the tens place. Students are required to calculate the difference for each pair of numbers and write their answers in the space provided below each problem. The design is straightforward, focusing solely on the arithmetic operation without any distracting graphics or themes.

The aim of this worksheet is to improve students’ proficiency in subtraction, particularly with two-digit numbers. It teaches them to accurately perform subtraction operations that may require borrowing, a fundamental skill in arithmetic. The worksheet also helps to enhance mental calculation abilities and reinforces the understanding of place value. Through repetition and variety in the problems, students can build confidence and speed in handling basic subtraction.