Changing Positions

Changing Positions Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet is a two-part educational activity focused on place value and number ordering. In the first section, students are presented with a series of three-digit numbers and instructed to rearrange the digits to form the smallest possible number. The second section mirrors the first, but instead, students are tasked with creating the largest possible number from the same sets of digits. Blank lines are provided next to each problem for students to write their answers after rearranging the digits.

This worksheet is designed to teach students the impact of digit placement on the overall value of a number. By rearranging digits to form the smallest and largest numbers, students learn to understand the principles of the base-ten system and how each position (ones, tens, hundreds) contributes to a number’s magnitude. This exercise enhances their ability to compare and order numbers, a fundamental skill in mathematics. It also promotes critical thinking as students evaluate the options to determine the correct number sequence for the given criteria.