Identify Big and Small

Identify Big and Small Worksheet

Worksheet Description

The worksheet consists of two exercises designed to enhance students’ understanding of number values. In the first part, students are given sets of three digits and several permutations of these digits, and they must identify and circle the permutation that represents the greatest number possible. The second part is similar, but the students are asked to circle the permutation that represents the smallest number possible. Each set is presented in a row, with multiple choices for the students to consider.

The worksheet is teaching students how to determine the largest and smallest numbers that can be formed from a given set of digits, which is a practical application of place value understanding. This activity encourages students to think critically about the position of digits in a number and how this affects the number’s value. By identifying the greatest and smallest numbers from the permutations provided, students practice assessing the value of numbers and making comparisons. These skills are essential for a strong foundation in mathematics, particularly in areas involving number sense, ordering, and operations.