Skill Review

Skill Review Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This sheet divided into two parts, each with a different objective. The first section asks students to rearrange a series of three digits to form the smallest possible number, while the second section requires students to arrange another set of three digits to create the largest possible number. Each problem presents the digits in a random order, with a blank space provided for students to write their answers. The worksheet includes a variety of digit combinations to challenge students in recognizing the value of digit placement.

The worksheet teaches critical thinking in number manipulation by having students actively engage in place value concepts. In the first part, students learn that placing smaller digits in the higher place values creates a smaller number. Conversely, in the second part, they discover that larger digits should occupy the higher place values to maximize the number. These exercises help solidify the students’ understanding of numerical order and the significance of digit placement in determining a number’s value, which are essential skills in mathematics.