Smallest Number Possible

Smallest Number Possible Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet challenges students to reorder a set of three digits to create the smallest possible number. Each item on the worksheet lists a group of three digits, and the students must write them on the provided line in an order that results in the minimum numerical value. The format is clear and concise, with each problem labeled from ‘a’ to ‘p’, making it easy for students to understand and complete the task. The aim is to practice number ordering based on the value of digits when placed in different positions.

The worksheet is designed to teach students the impact of digit placement on the overall value of a number. It reinforces the concept that a digit’s position—whether it is in the hundreds, tens, or ones place—determines how much that digit is worth. Through this exercise, students learn to compare numbers and understand the principles of numerical order. This is a foundational skill that is critical for mastering more complex mathematical operations and for developing number sense.