Rearrange Integers

Rearrange Integers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is part of a series where students are presented with the task of manipulating the order of digits to form new numbers. The worksheet is split into two sections: the first asks students to write the smallest number possible by rearranging the digits of given four-digit numbers, and the second section requires them to write the greatest number possible from another set of four-digit numbers. For each question, lines are provided for students to place their answers. The questions are straightforward, focusing on the rearrangement of digits without any additional operations or complications.

The objective of this worksheet is to strengthen the students’ understanding of place value and how digit order affects the magnitude of a number. It teaches them to analyze and reorder digits strategically to achieve the highest or lowest possible numbers. By engaging with this activity, students learn to appreciate the importance of each digit’s position within a number and enhance their number sense. Moreover, it indirectly prepares them for more complex mathematical concepts, such as ordering and comparing numbers.