Find the Difference

Find the Difference Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a subtraction activity that uses pictures to help students understand and solve subtraction problems. Each row on the worksheet features a set of images, such as clocks, drums, chairs, fish, and diamonds, and a subtraction problem corresponding to these images. The students are prompted to cross out a certain number of images to represent the subtrahend and then count the remaining images to determine the solution to the subtraction problem. The final answer is to be written in the space provided next to the problem.

The worksheet’s objective is to teach students the concept of subtraction by providing a visual and interactive method. It helps students to connect the physical action of removing objects with the mathematical operation of subtraction. This hands-on approach is particularly effective for young learners as it transforms abstract numbers into something concrete that they can see and manipulate. By completing this worksheet, students practice their counting skills and develop a better understanding of numerical relationships and the concept of ‘taking away.’