Minus the Objects

Minus the Objects Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a visual subtraction activity designed for students to practice basic subtraction skills. It features rows of images such as candies, donuts, trains, crayons, and leaves, with each row representing a subtraction problem. The quantity of each set of images corresponds to the minuend, and students are instructed to cross out a number of these images equal to the subtrahend. After crossing out the required images, students must count the remaining items and write this number as the difference in the equation provided.

The worksheet is designed to teach students subtraction in a hands-on and visually engaging way. It helps them to understand subtraction as the removal of items from a set, making the abstract concept of ‘taking away’ more concrete. By crossing out and counting the remaining images, students reinforce their counting skills and learn to associate the numerical subtraction equation with the physical act of removing items. This activity also aids in developing fine motor skills and number recognition as part of early mathematics education.