Subtract Shapes

Subtract Shapes Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet is a subtraction activity designed for students to visually understand and practice the concept of subtraction. The activity features rows of pictorial representations with shapes such as triangles, circles, diamonds, squares, and hexagons, each row corresponding to a subtraction problem. The students are directed to cross out the number of shapes indicated by the subtrahend and then count the remaining shapes to find the difference. The final count is written in the blanks provided, completing the subtraction equation for each problem.

The worksheet teaches students to visualize the process of subtraction as the removal of a certain number of items from a set. It aims to reinforce their understanding of subtraction by having them actively engage with the material, fostering a deeper comprehension of the concept of ‘taking away’. This exercise also strengthens their counting skills, as they must count both the items to be removed and those that remain. Moreover, the worksheet introduces basic geometric shapes, integrating shape recognition with arithmetic practice.