Shapes of Negative Numbers

Shapes of Negative Numbers Worksheet

Worksheet Description

This worksheet combines basic arithmetic with negative numbers and a graphical element of matching. Students are tasked with solving simple expressions that involve adding or subtracting negative numbers. Once they find the solution to each expression, they are directed to draw a specific shape on a grid that corresponds to their answer, with the shapes provided in a key at the bottom of the page. The worksheet is laid out in a way that ties numerical understanding with visual representation, enhancing cognitive connections between the two.

The worksheet’s aim is to reinforce the students’ ability to work with negative numbers through addition and subtraction. By solving the expressions and then connecting the solutions to a visual task, students are encouraged to think about mathematics in a more integrated way. This activity not only solidifies arithmetic skills with negative numbers but also introduces a basic form of graphing. Engaging students in this dual-task approach promotes deeper learning and retention of mathematical concepts.